Welcome to the CWRU IRC Server!

You can begin chatting right away with Mibbit WebIRC

If you have your own client, you can connect to irc.case.edu on any of the following ports:

Note that access to these ports by off-campus users is dependent on the state of the default-protect firewall exemptions first implemented by ITS in July 2016. Connectivity problems may need to be diagnosed from within the network.

Looking for your own client? We recommend the following:

Message of the Day:
Welcome to the CWRU Internet Relay Chat Server!

Your use of this server is covered by the CWRU Acceptable Use and Academic
Integrity Policies.  We provide this as a service for the benefit of the campus
community, please help us keep it a nice place.  To view the rules, please type
/rules into your IRC client now.

You are encouraged to attend weekly Hacker's Society meetings. For more
information, please visit:

View the HacSoc Events calendar at http://hacsoc.org/events.html

Connection Information:
	irc.case.edu is listening to ports 6667 and 8076 for non-secured connections.
	irc.case.edu is listening to ports 6697 and 7778 for SSL connections.

We provide NickServ and ChanServ services!
	Note: The aliases /ns and /cs may be
	substituted for /msg nickserv and /msg chanserv

IRC Operators:
	Andrew Hennessy (ajb200@case.edu, yetanothername)
	Thomas Murphy (trm70@case.edu, siretrm)

Server Adminstrators:
  Please email an above operator about any server concerns
  Master hosting information is available at:

  The master hosting is provided as a no-cost service and is provided entirely
  at the discretion of those administrators.

Official Channels:
	#cwru - The general lobby for everyone!

	Protip: Join # Examples:

	To get a full channel listing, type "/list"

Notice: flame- and troll-baiting are against the rules and will result in
(at the minimum) shunning until the next reconnect.
1. Follow the CWRU I-1 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy (AUP
2. Follow the CWRU Academic Integrity Policy
3. Abide by behavior befitting a public forum
    You are representing the CWRU community when using this service
4. No abusive bots
5. Respect administrators and moderators